"Being able to feel safe with other people is probably the single most important aspect of mental health; safe connections are fundamental to meaningful and satisfying lives.”- Bessel A. van der Kolk, M.D.


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Alex Lane, LCSW

California State University, Fullerton - Master's in Social Work '09

If the shaved head and sleeved tattoo's are confusing... I get it. I am not the classically stale and unapproachable, leather-elbow patch sweater wearing, pipe-smoking, lay down on the couch and lets blame your mother kind of therapist... Therapy is exciting, engaging, frustrating, insight producing, and many other up's and down's along the way. We're going to laugh and cry - we're going to make jokes to hide the pain and swear & curse those who have wronged us while we engage in real talk and try to figure out what you want from your life. 

Our journey together will be a rigorous process where we explore the roots of your sadness and the sources of your joy - we will learn to identify your pains and the cause of your shame all the while you'll be healing and growing and learning to accept the best parts of you and let go of the parts that you no longer want. 

I firmly believe our past experiences shape how we think, feel, and behave thus it makes complete sense to me that when an individual experiences emotional pain or economic insecurity or parental shame or relationship dishonesty (during any phase of life) or any other sequence of events that left them feeling less then, the individual will take extraordinary measures to avoid similar experiences as well as the feelings connected to the experience. Its this avoidance that leads us down the dark path of self-blame and the woulda / coulda / shoulda's of feeling shame and powerlessness. 

Our memory can trick us into believing we are unlovable based on how we were/are treated by those closest to us. I believe that all of us are worthy of love and dignity and have a right to a safe and meaningful life. If others do not respect this – a basic human right – it is not a reflection of your worthiness to receive love - but a failure of their ability to live authentically. 

I cannot promise you a specific result or predicted outcome, however I will provide an environment of unconditional positive regard for your dignity and self-worth, using all my skills, knowledge, and empathy to assist you in becoming the person you want to be. The lesson I've most learned along my way is all humans are worthy of love and dignity while having an innate and purposeful desire to experience a safe and meaningful life. 

Jasmine Lane, LCSW

University of New England - Master's in Social Work '03

For over 20 years I have worked collaboratively with clients to understand both how they want to live and feel and to understand what is preventing them from doing so. I believe you have within you the inherent resilience to take control of how your trauma is impacting you now.

In recent years the terms trauma, post-traumatic stress, resilience, and post traumatic growth have become a part of our collective dialogue. Extensive research focusing on modalities that take into account each individual's experience has allowed me to develop and hone therapeutic techniques which requiring a unique skill set and application process. I have been fortunate to have training in and have extensively practiced EMDR (EMDRIA Certified), Cognitive Processing Therapy, Trauma Focused CBT, CBCT for PTSD, and Written Exposure Therapy.

Not talked about enough is the profound impact guilt, moral injury and shame have on many people that have survived a trauma.  There are models of treatment in this area that help you to understand your experience and how you want to live now, together we will work to help you get there. Adaptive Disclosure Therapy and TrIGR are two such models, again, together we will identify what is the best choice for you.

I come to you with an understanding of the courage that it takes to open up to the possibility that things can be different and with the heartfelt desire to make that happen. 

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